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Note: All About Ubuntu was a beta site and is no longer active. Please visit our new site, Works With — which offers non-stop coverage of Ubuntu Linux. We cover Ubuntu on mobile, desktop and server systems — in academic business and consumer markets. In short, we cover the business value of Ubuntu.

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The Everex Cloudbook: A Fun Machine, Warts and All

The Everex Cloudbook is one of the more recent entries into the realm low-power portable computers that come pre-loaded with Linux. In the case of the Cloudbook, it comes with gOS “Rocket,” which is based on Ubuntu. It is the perfect companion to the Sager laptop I recently purchased and reviewed, in that it virtually everything that the Sager isn’t. Small, light, and virtually pocketable. All while being powerful enough for most of the day-to-day tasks that come up while I’m out and about. Continue reading

All About Ubuntu: What’s Next From Us?

All About Ubuntu has been silent for a few days now. Sorry about that.

I’m pleased to tell you all of us here at Nine Lives Media Inc. are working on something very special for the Ubuntu industry, but we need a few more weeks to bake it.

So stick with us for a few weeks and we’ll be sure to pull back the curtain on something new… something better… something exciting for the Ubuntu industry.

In the meantime, you will find more frequent blog entries on this site.

All the best.


Highlights of Ubuntu 8.04 Beta

After recently installing Ubuntu 8.04 Beta, I have seen numerous improvements that will bring welcome change to users in the near future. Now in beta stage, Ubuntu is stable enough for me or anyone else who is interesting in testing the new version. While I have not seen any problems, it is not recommended for use on production machines. Here are some highlights. Continue reading

Which Small Office HP Printers Work Best With Ubuntu?

I’m seeking to purchase a Hewlett-Packard all-in-one device (printer, scanner, copier, fax) that is network-enabled and works with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04. It must also print color and black-and-white. I realize there is an Ubuntu WiKi listing compatible printers ( but I’d like to hear from Ubuntu users directly.

Can anyone recommend specific HP small office printer(s) that meet my needs as described above?

I want plug-and-play installation. Once I activate the printer on my office network, I want it to be super-easy for my desktops (Ubuntu/Dell PC, Mac OS laptop and Windows XP/Sony PC) to find the printer on the network and connect to it. No driver headaches. No endless hours searching support forums for guidance.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.