Saving My Dollars for Dell Ubuntu

It’s official. I plan to purchase a Dell PC with Ubuntu Linux as soon as possible. My only challenge: Dell has yet to actually unveil the PCs. The company’s Web site now includes a teaser for Ubuntu-based PCs.

According to Dell’s site, the PCs with Ubuntu preloaded are “Coming Soon – By Popular Demand.” Interesting. I wonder if Dell could say the same thing about PCs with Windows Vista preloaded prior to that operating system’s launch?

I’ll avoid the temptation to describe how Microsoft missed the mark with Vista (for a good summary of issues, check out The VAR Guy’s blog at TechIQ magazine).

Instead, I’ll focus on the question at hand: When can I actually purchase Ubuntu preloaded on a Dell desktop? As soon as I have the answer I’ll be sure to let you know. And once I receive the system, I’ll let you know if I ran into any issues connecting it to my home network and peripherals.

Stay tuned. Daily updates will follow.

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4 thoughts on “Saving My Dollars for Dell Ubuntu

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