Intel Jumps Aboard Ubuntu Bandwagon

Intel is the latest hardware company to give Ubuntu its stamp of approval. Only a few days after Dell announced plans to pre-load Ubuntu Linux on selected PCs, Intel is now helping Ubuntu design mobile and embedded versions of the operating system for small, handheld, graphical tablets and other devices that are Internet enabled.

The Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project apparently will include innovative graphical interfaces, improved power management and better responsiveness. The first release of the mobile operating system is expected in October, according to Matt Zimmerman, CTO of Ubuntu and Chairman of the Ubuntu Technical Board. Zimmerman posted a message about the project to the Ubuntu message board last week.

What’s the upshot? In my opinion, Intel’s decision to assist Ubuntu’s development for small mobile devices shows that the chip giant is willing to explore alternatives to Tablet PCs and other small form factors designed for Windows.


7 thoughts on “Intel Jumps Aboard Ubuntu Bandwagon

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