Dell Prepares to Announce Ubuntu Linux Systems

When Dell officially begins to sell PCs with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, I’ll be among the first to know. That’s because Dell plans to send me — and thousands of other people — an enewsletter announcing the systems any day now.

Indeed, Dell recently updated its Ubuntu Linux Web page with a teaser for the Linux email alerts. Those who signed up for the alerts will “Be the first to know when Ubuntu products have launched as well as other Linux announcements.”

Dell’s timing couldn’t be better. I nearly purchased an Ubuntu Linux PC from a smaller system maker a few days ago. But I’ve decided to hold off until I’ve had a chance to see Dell’s product designs, configurations and prices.

By the way: Price will be among the least important factors in my purchase. Ironically, the mainstream media continues to hype Linux as “free” or low-cost. But Linux is no longer about price. The tech world increasingly focuses on Linux’s reliability, security and rapidly improving ease of use. I’ll put those claims to the test once Dell officially unveils its Ubuntu Linux systems.


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