Bad News, Good News From Dell

How’s this for a mixed mood: I’m disappointed but impressed. First, my disappointment. I’ve just been informed that my Dell PC with Ubuntu Linux won’t ship until around June 19. I placed the order around May 27.

Folks, it shouldn’t take Dell three weeks to build and ship such a simple system, especially when a hacker kid who lives down the road from me can probably give me a similar PC within two business days.

Now, the good news. Dell is EVERYWHERE online. You’ll notice that they commented on my previous post from earlier in the day, and they’re working very hard to address customer needs and concerns. That’s good news. And it’s more than lip service. Dell listened when customers asked for Linux systems. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the system’s shipment to me doesn’t slide into July…


2 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News From Dell

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  2. 1) Dell got some criticism for the drivers not being “right” on the first batch. You could tell from the Windows stickies being removed that these units were scavenged from the Windows product managers stock. Probably Michael himself shorted windows builds.

    2) The MRP was not loaded for this much demand. So two to three weeks to catch up is a miracle. Remember these are mostly configured white boxes that are shipped from China. Likely the processor and screen are fixed by the time they get to Dell. I would imagine Linux Geeks all want the nice SVGA+ screen which is not usual.

    3) Dell is doing the right thing in this day and age. Tell the truth early and often. If you don’t people will catch you.

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