How to Make Ubuntu Support iPods

A few days ago, I mentioned that my biggest challenge with Ubuntu involved my son. The only reason he continues to use our Windows PC is because of iTunes support. So I asked readers for some suggestions: Are there ways to (A) make Ubuntu work well with iTunes and/or (B) make Ubuntu work well with an iPod. I got flooded with suggestions. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

Please note: I realize there are additional options out there. If you have better suggestions please share them.

6. Use virtualization software to run Windows/iTunes on your Ubuntu PC: Yes, this is certainly an option. But I don’t want to install Windows on my PC. The entire point of me buying an Ubuntu system from Dell was to leave behind the bloated, buggy world of Windows.

5. Check out Songbird: Details here.

4. Check out Banshee: An interesting way to rip CDs, play and synch your iPod with Ubuntu. You’ll find details about Banshee here.

3. Check out Aramok (Um, make that “Amarok”): Here are some simple directions describing how Amarok can link Ubuntu with your iPod. I’m intrigued and will use this as a fall-back option if I don’t like gtkpod and Rhythmbox, which are described below.

2. Check out gtkpod: This is a free, open source apps that allows Linux to transfer audio files onto iPods. Gtkpod lacks some of the advanced features of iTunes but it sounds like a good start for my son. We may give it a try if Rhythmbox doesn’t work out for us.

1. Check out Rhythmbox: It comes pre-installed with my Dell Ubuntu PC, and it synchs with iPods. Rhythmbox is the way to go for now, at least for me. I’m still not sure if my son will ever make the move from Windows to Ubuntu, because he really wants iTunes. But perhaps we can meet half-way … and get him onto a Mac!


3 thoughts on “How to Make Ubuntu Support iPods

  1. If your son has an itunes cd, it will contain a slightly older version of itunes [looks identical to the new ones and you can do the same stuff]

    download wine which is not bloated or anything or slows down your computer just converts windows dlls to linux api? something like that, you do not need a copy of windows. [wine is in the respoitoies [sigh] put in the cd and run via the command wine and it should install fine, but remeber to uncheck the update box.

    this should work.

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