Reader Feedback — Pro and Con — Welcome

Well, quite a few folks flamed me for my “Four Reasons to Avoid Ubuntu” post. Some readers said my info was too basic. Others said the info should have more clearly focused on Ubuntu limitations rather than broader Linux limitations. I accept the criticisms. But I also want to point out: This blog was launched to help everyday PC users — millions of consumers who are frustrated with Windows — consider a move to Ubuntu.

Sure, the vast majority of the Ubuntu community knows why you should run Ubuntu. They also know about some basic Ubuntu shortcomings (though many readers deny those shortcomings…). But in recent days, folks, I’ve been flooded with email from casual Windows users who say “Finally … a blog that explains Ubuntu to the masses!” Now, for my challenge…

I somehow need to balance the blog: Give some advanced info for advanced users while helping open source newbies to better understand Ubuntu. In the weeks ahead, we’ll launch FAQs, how-to info and other types of content to help all ranges of Ubuntu users.

In the meantime, I continue to welcome feedback — pro and con — about the blog. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Reader Feedback — Pro and Con — Welcome

  1. the best advice for people contemplating a Linux flavor is that they need to research what hardware they should use it on. Its nice to just install it on what you’ve got but ensuring the hardware you buy in the future is Linux happy is a very good idea

    I just wish there was better sites to use to get that information.

  2. Gareth: Thanks for your thoughts. We will, over the next few weeks, offer the exact info you’ve mentioned in your post. Please check back with us and also feel free to share more feedback as we continue to enhance this site.
    – Len

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