Setting Up An Ubuntu/Windows Dual Boot System

I left Windows behind when I purchased my Ubuntu PC. But some folks, naturally, want to run both Windows and Ubuntu. The following video shows one way to set up an Ubuntu/Windows dual boot system. The total video runs nearly 14 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Setting Up An Ubuntu/Windows Dual Boot System

  1. Cool – thanks for the movie.

    I tried this a few months back and Ubuntu stuffed up the boot because it could not figure out the IDE settings properly. But – the box was under guarantee – so fiddling with its innards was not going to happen.

    This is one of the biggest reasons I started to look into virtual machines. My son wanted Ubuntu but dual boot was just not going to happen.


  2. Did you all do this the complicated way? I use Gparted which is a partition editor on the Ubuntu LiveCD. It was rather simple, I just resized my Windows partition (basically split it in two) and then installed ubuntu on the second partition which was now freespace. Took maybe 5 minutes to do and works perfectly. Everytime I boot up I get the grub boot menu and can select between my Ubuntu version (Linux Mint) and WinXP. Very easy.

  3. Oh and if you have common sense you won’t end up hosing your system. I did this on my only computer with windowsxp pre-installed and it all worked perfectly. So do not be affraid to do it if you are using the GParted program. I know the winXP partition program can mess things up though. GParted is also a GUI program not silly text.

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