Ubuntu Prepares to Help Windows Users

Eager to try Ubuntu but not sure how to make the leap from Windows? Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is gearing up to assist you. Indeed, the company is preparing several new initiatives to help train Windows users on Ubuntu Linux. The training push will include technology managers, system builders, consumer and business users, and university students, according to Billy Cina, a training program manager at Canonical.

By December 2007, Canonical hopes to have one or two major training partners in the United States. Cina expects those partners to offer face-to-face training in five or six education centers across the country. Canonical’s training push will also include a mix of classroom and e-learning materials.

Training and certification emerged as major themes at this week’s Ubuntu Live conference in Portland, Oregon. Many presenters focused on Ubuntu’s growing use on university campuses. And while students frequently embrace Ubuntu with little or no push-back, some professors and teachers resist Ubuntu because of entrenched Microsoft software, several presenters noted. Canonical’s training push will include a targeted emphasis on Windows users who might otherwise resist change.


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