Linux Lands On More PCs

Greetings from Massachusetts. I’m at a staff conference but noticed some big developments for desktop Linux this week.

First up, Lenovo apparently plans to offer Novell SuSE Linux on a notebook. I don’t have complete details but you can get info from eWeek. Second, Dell has finally announced its strategy to ship Ubuntu-based PCs outside of the US. Meanwhile, Apple this week introduced a new line of iMacs. So, what’s the upshot?

I’m amazed that Linux continues to gain momentum on desktops the very year Vista shipped. Also, it’s impressive to see Novell gaining some traction of notebooks. The company was bitterly disappointed when Dell embraced Ubuntu rather than SuSE Linux. But the Novell-Lenovo deal proves SuSE is a mainstream desktop/mobile player.

Also, Dell’s rapid move to intro Ubuntu on international PCs reinforces the success of Dell’s US-based Ubuntu sales.

Overall, a great week for desktop Linux, to be sure.


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