Open Source Apps Score At Sun Conference

I’m out in Colorado Springs this week for an Avnet/Sun Microsystems partner conference. Although I’m blogging away from my MacBook Pro, I was pleased to see dozens of attendees using Sun Ray 270 thin clients. Sun donated the systems for the event’s cyber cafe. Each thin client includes the Thunderbird e-mail client, StarOffice 8 and Firefox. Sun would be wise to show these thin clients — and their open source components — at additional events across the country. Most users don’t even realize they’re on a thin client rather than a PC.


One thought on “Open Source Apps Score At Sun Conference

  1. Interesting.

    I came across the SayRay thin client idea back around the turn of the century. Then is was a pure Java thing and made little or no sense (to be honest). However, take the same concept and put OpenSource on it and that is interesting.

    Does this stuff work with Linux or is it only Solaris?


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