There’s Money In Open Source

Ok, this blog entry isn’t about Ubuntu. But it does focus on revenue opportunities in the open source market. Sure, Red Hat is the rare open source company that has launched a successful IPO and generated healthy profits. But at least two other open source software companies are on my radar for eventual IPOs.

First up, MySQL — the open source database provider — continues to mull a possible IPO, with company watchers expecting news either late this year or in 2008. Longer term, SugarCRM — an open source application provider — is showing momentum. Cash flow is now positive at the company, annual revenue is on target for $15 million this year (according to Reuters) and company insiders are charting a course to $100 million in annual revenue, according to The VAR Guy, a mystery peer who blogs over at TechIQ magazine.

So, yes indeed: There’s money in open source.


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