Easy Way to Install Ubuntu

Here’s an interesting post from PCMechanic, describing how to easily install Ubuntu. But I’ve got to be honest: Ease-of-install isn’t going to make-or-break Ubuntu. We need to see Dell and other PC vendors start to put a few marketing dollars behind Ubuntu, promoting the fact that you can get systems with Ubuntu pre-installed. Dell’s decision to pre-install Ubuntu was the tipping point that made me leave Windows.


2 thoughts on “Easy Way to Install Ubuntu

  1. The install IS easy. Why the misleading post title “Easy Way To Install Ubuntu”? Doesn’t that just mislead folks to believe it isn’t easy?

  2. I agree, and what blew me away was the live CD.. But it was a snap. The *only* thing I found difficult in Ubuntu was modding some programs that WINE wouldn’t cover (games). But thats what forums are for, right?

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