Get to Know Parallels

You might recall that I’ve got both a MacBook Pro (running Mac OS) and a Dell PC (running Ubuntu). I’m in the market for another PC, and just received a friendly reminder from the PR folks at Parallels — the company that makes virtualization software for Mac hardware. One of my PR sources at Parallels tells me that the company has sold 650,000 licenses for the virtualization software over the past year. And as I work at trade shows and conferences, I can’t help but notice all the Mac users who leverage Parallels for Windows and Linux virtualization.As I weigh my next PC purchase, I’m leaning toward an iMac for my kids — though the Dell/Ubuntu system will remain my personal productivity PC at home. Will Ubuntu also land on my forthcoming iMac? Not sure yet. I’ll let you know when I actually make the iMac purchase and get the new system home.


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