Ubuntu Guide for Non-Geeks

I have to admit: I love Ubuntu but I’m not ready to recommend it to PC novices. However, Ubuntu is making great progress and moving closer and closer to becoming a mainstream consumer operating system. A case in point: I just noticed this new book, Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, Second Edition. I haven’t read it yet, but I do intend to give it a look soon.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Guide for Non-Geeks

  1. I have been reading about ubuntu, but as a non-geek, I don’t think I will be able to work it. I haven’t found any way to ask questions to anyone who knows about it; such as:
    1. will I be able to keep my present files, or will they be deleted if I install ubuntu?
    2. Is the open office version better than the 1.1 I have with my linspire?
    3. will it start up and run faster than linspire? I have noticed that msword starts up and runs in just a few seconds on library computers while my open office 1.1 takes several minutes to start.

    Is there any official place that answers questions about ubuntu, or is the world just dependent on some well meaning user that may or may not have the right answers?

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