Ubuntu Backlash Begins

Take a niche operating system. Put it in the spotlight vs. Microsoft’s disappointing Windows Vista. Hype the niche operating system for a few months. Win a business deal with Dell. And at some point all that wonderful buzz will produce expectations that you can’t meet. Such is the case, apparently, with Ubuntu.

I continue to value Ubuntu. And my decision to purchase a Dell PC with Ubuntu pre-installed back in June was a smart one. Yet more and more people seem to be highlighting Ubuntu’s shortcomings as a mainstream operating system. Here’s just one example of what I mean.

Memo to everyone who wants to give Ubuntu a try: Slow down. Don’t leap from Windows to Ubuntu unless you have a true interest in Linux. Give MacOS a try first. You’ll likely love Apple’s commitment to reliable, intuitive software. (I sure do.)

The Ubuntu party needs to include a selected crowd of folks for the next year or so. Most of the users are far more technical than me. They don’t mind working through command lines or searching the web for software components, drivers, etc. Mainstream users who crash the Ubuntu bash early — before the operating system is truly ready for consumer use — could wind up ruining the party for the rest of us.

Frankly, I like Dell’s approach so far: Offer Ubuntu on a few selected systems but don’t hype the machines. Let the market grow on its own, naturally.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Backlash Begins

  1. Memo to everyone who wants to give Ubuntu a try: Try the live CD first and see if you are going to have issues. Do a bit of research on Linux and Ubuntu and ignore the advice above about trying the MacOS.

    Linux is still in a state of growth and you’ll see some things that may confuse you at first. In fact Kubuntu may be a better first start but don’t discount Ubuntu. But if it ultimately doesn’t work today, try again in 6 months… things are moving fast. Ubuntu is aimed at the beginner but is not perfect… at least not yet. It does however have many advantages.

    Linux is distributed in many different ways by others around the world. If Ubuntu doesn’t work, you can always try one of the others, your research in Linux will help you find them.

    If you can’t seem to do the research, or just don’t understand, do not despair, there is plenty of help available on the Ubuntu Forums.

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  3. There seems to be a proportion of people (largely vocal) that are negative to something that’s increasingly popular or to something that generates a lot of buzz. When I installed Ubuntu 6.10 almost a year ago there was a fair amount of writings indicating how buggy it is blah blah, that other distro is better blah blah, windows is better blah blah etc. Some are constructive but most are rants/whinging/it doesn’t work for me. As for me, I’m glad I ignored them and installed 6.10, it has been 100% trouble free and a joy to use. Yea, it’s not quite there yet but it’s evolving quickly. I’m waiting for 8.04 to replace my 6.10.

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