Wal-Mart PC: Should I Buy One?

I’d love to hear from readers who know a bit about the new Everex PC that Wal-Mart is carrying. It sounds like an under-powered PC to me. And at $200, I wonder if it’s too cheap to be an effective Web/personal productivity home computer for my kids. Anyone have any thoughts? I already have a Dell Ubuntu PC (I like it) and a MacBook Pro (I love it). I’m leaning toward an iMac for my next family PC. But I’m wondering if there are some good, reliable, low-cost alternatives with Ubuntu pre-installed. Thoughts on the Everex system — and alternatives — are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Wal-Mart PC: Should I Buy One?

  1. I have to $200 pc that Walmart is selling. I got it from Zareason. It works fine out of the box. Their special gOS spin isn’t my favorite but it’s functional. Regular Ubuntu works on it nicely too. I’ve enhanced mine quite a bit. The expansion options are far above what I expected.

    Of course I had to try an install of Vista on it too. Don’t go there. You won’t like it.

    Another billion people are going to come online in the next ten years or so. I would hope for all our sakes’ this low-watt low-cost box is the standard from which those PCs are made. That would save a lot of carbon.

    Walmart has been selling Linux PCs for several years. People must be buying them.

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