Google Going Mobile With Ubuntu?

Lots of folks expect Google to announce a mobile software/phone strategy on November 5. Now for the rather interesting twist: I suspect Ubuntu Linux could be Google’s preferred platform for a range of forthcoming mobile devices and services. Here’s why.

In recent months, Canonical and Intel have been customizing Ubuntu for mobile handheld devices, including Internet/WiFi devices and smart phones.

So where does Google enter the picture? About a month ago, I hosted a Webcast featuring a guest speaker from Canonical. The speaker’s presentation mentioned that Canonical was working closely with Dell, Intel, Sun, Sony, IBM… and… and… wait for it… Google!

During the Webcast, Canonical didn’t explain how Google was leveraging Ubuntu Linux. But perhaps we’ll have our answer on November 5, when Google is expected to announce its mobile strategy.

Partners on the Google mobile project apparently include Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, Motorola and Samsung, reported Reuters. The Google-backed phones are expected to come on the market around the middle of 2008, Reuters added.

The Google strategy could also give the MuniWireless market a boost. The new devices, after all, are expected to leverage WiFi. And as more WiFi-enabled devices flood the market, consumers and business users could increasingly demand ubiquitous wireless service across cities and regions.


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