Back to the Future With Ubuntu

Ok, folks. I’ve been a little sidetracked (very sidetracked…) in recent weeks building a business and two other blog sites ( and Both are doing well.

Now, it’s time to rediscover Ubuntu. As you’ll recall, I purchased an Ubuntu PC from Dell back in July 2007. It was a great investment. And a great alternative to having the Geek Squad teach me how to troubleshoot Windows Vista.

Initially, I though Ubuntu’s main chance for success was on the desktop. I was wrong. I’m beginning to see how Canonical will likely succeed on desktops … plus servers and mobile devices with Ubuntu.

So, what can you expect from this site going forward? Lots of desktop, mobile and server coverage. On the one hand, we want to help consumers make the leap from Windows to Ubuntu. But on the other, we suspect a lot of IT departments will read us as they consider corporate migrations to Ubuntu for specific business departments.

We’ll need to tread carefully as we write for multiple target audiences. But ultimately, our readers will decide what we write about.

Either way, it’s good to be home — blogging again on AllAboutUbuntu.

To get a feel for what else I’ve been up to, visit Nine Lives Media Inc., The VAR Guy and MSPmentor.

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