Ubuntu Mobile On Its Way?

Intel’s new Silverthorne and Diamondville processors are due to be released sometime during the second quarter of this year, according to this article on Computerworld. The chips are built and specialized to run Linux.

Ubuntu Mobile Edition is made for this platform, and has been built in collaboration with both Nokia and Intel. This means that an Ubuntu Mobile device could make it to store shelves sometime later this year or early first quarter next year.

Ubuntu Mobile makes use of the smaller and faster chips to be placed on MIDs, or Mobile Internet Devices. Since the new chips are the most powerful of their kind, Ubuntu Mobile has the ability to run full desktop applications that come preinstalled, such as Pidgin Chat, Firefox web browser, and Driver blog poster. The internet will really be the focus of the Ubuntu Mobile experience.

Ubuntu Mobile will also make use of your finger for navigation, rather than a stylus. For instance, to switch songs you are listening to, simply slide your finger across the screen, either left or right.

No announcement has been made as to when an Ubuntu Mobile device will be released, although with the chips due in the next few months, one might easily estimate that an Ubuntu Mobile device could make it to store shelves by the end of this year or early next year.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Mobile On Its Way?

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  3. if these chips have been built specially to run linux,
    they must have some sort of open-bios implementation right? i mean ti would be stupid to not have an linux/open bios system installed on a motherboard using a cpu made for linux?

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