Back From Vacation

Greetings. I’ve been off-line for the past five days or so … It was the longest complete vacation (no blogging, no email, no nothing) I’ve taken since around 2001. But now I’m back and I’ll be blogging 24×7 going forward. Thank you all for the Java info/feedback you posted I’ll be sure to do the install now. Also, be sure to check out our new All About Ubuntu social network. You’ll see lots of enhancements to that site in the days ahead.


My Ubuntu Needs Some Java…

I’ve noticed that many sites on the Web require Java code that doesn’t come preinstalled on my Dell PC. I’m sure it’s an easy fix (fingers crossed). I haven’t had a chance to read up on Java, find the appropriate downloads to work with Firefox, etc. I’ll be sure to do so after the 4th of July holiday here in the states. I assume the rest of the free (Ubuntu) world has already found the appropriate downloads. I’ll catch up … soon!

Dell Introduces MORE Ubuntu Systems

Wow. That was fast. Less than a month after Dell began selling Ubuntu on selected desktops and notebooks, the company has introduced more Ubuntu systems. Let’s think about that for a minute: Imagine if Dell introduced more Windows Vista systems four weeks after initial launch because customers were so excited? That didn’t happen. But it is happening with Ubuntu. Continue reading

How to Make Ubuntu Support iPods

A few days ago, I mentioned that my biggest challenge with Ubuntu involved my son. The only reason he continues to use our Windows PC is because of iTunes support. So I asked readers for some suggestions: Are there ways to (A) make Ubuntu work well with iTunes and/or (B) make Ubuntu work well with an iPod. I got flooded with suggestions. Here are some of the most interesting ones. Continue reading