Bummer: HP Not Prepping Ubuntu PCs

In some areas of the world, Hewlett-Packard is winning business selling custom PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled. But now, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth is on record stating that HP and Canonical are not — I repeat, not — discussing any deals to preinstall Ubuntu on HP systems. Bummer.

Here are thoughts from Shuttleworth on Dell’s expanding plans for Ubuntu as well as a Shuttleworth’s statement about HP. Oh, and here’s a sample of the type of business HP is doing with Ubuntu — even without a preinstall relationship in place.


HP Is No-Show At Ubuntu Event

Bummer. Hewlett-Packard’s Linux CTO, Bdale Garbee, didn’t show for his scheduled keynote session this morning at Ubuntu Live.

I will try not to read too much into this and will ask Canonical why Garbee didn’t join the event. For now, though, it appears that Dell remains the only top-tier PC supplier pre-loading Ubuntu.

Update, 11:51 a.m., July 23: I spoke with a Cononical rep who said Garbee simply had a scheduling conflict. Also of note: While HP hasn’t announced plans to pre-load Ubuntu on selected PCs, the computing giant has won a big Ubuntu deal with a major university. Details at TechIQ magazine.

Ubuntu Coming to Small Business Servers

Lookout, Microsoft. Move over Red Hat. Ubuntu is preparing a small business server and related support tools that could allow entrepreneurs to standardize their networks on the operating system. Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth dropped a few hints about the small business server during his keynote speech at Ubuntu LIVE today in Portland, Oregon.

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