Canonical’s Ubuntu Server Ambitions

Yes, we all know Ubuntu has strong momentum on the desktop. But what about the server? Glad you asked. There’s a growing body of evidence suggesting Ubuntu 7.10 — Gutsy Gibbon — will mark the beginning of a strong server push for Canonical. Continue reading


Interview with Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth

Just spotted this interview with Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, who spoke with about Ubuntu’s productivity benefits. Shuttleworth notes that he’s already running Gutsy Gibbon, the next version of Ubuntu slated to be released in October. He also praises Thunderbird, the email system. I’m still on an email client who’s name I’d rather not mention. Might be time to make the move to Thunderbird.

Bummer: HP Not Prepping Ubuntu PCs

In some areas of the world, Hewlett-Packard is winning business selling custom PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled. But now, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth is on record stating that HP and Canonical are not — I repeat, not — discussing any deals to preinstall Ubuntu on HP systems. Bummer.

Here are thoughts from Shuttleworth on Dell’s expanding plans for Ubuntu as well as a Shuttleworth’s statement about HP. Oh, and here’s a sample of the type of business HP is doing with Ubuntu — even without a preinstall relationship in place.

Ubuntu Coming to Small Business Servers

Lookout, Microsoft. Move over Red Hat. Ubuntu is preparing a small business server and related support tools that could allow entrepreneurs to standardize their networks on the operating system. Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth dropped a few hints about the small business server during his keynote speech at Ubuntu LIVE today in Portland, Oregon.

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