Microsoft’s Cheap PC Is Expensive

Now here’s an interesting read. Microsoft and AMD are promoting a low cost $500 (US) PC in India, hoping to bring computing to the masses. But in India, low-cost PCs actually start around $300 (US), according to AP. Memo to AMD: Maybe you should remove Windows from the system and go with open source to hit that $300 target…


Getting to Know ZaReason’s CEO

Sure, Dell is new to the Ubuntu PC market. But plenty of smaller PC suppliers have long supported Ubuntu. One prime example: ZaReason Inc., a PC maker made up of volunteers. I reached out to Cathy Malmrose, CEO of ZaReason, to get a feel for the company’s customer base and market position, and to get her views on Ubuntu’s longer-term prospects. Here’s a look at our conversation as it occurred over email. Continue reading