How Ubuntu Passion Sometimes Beats Windows Preloads

Check out this Ubuntu Linux dispatch from The VAR Guy, a mystery blogger over at our sister site,

Sure, Microsoft expects Windows’ installed base to top 1 billion licenses by the end of this year. But in the shadow of Windows Vista, a rather remarkable trend — known as an InstallFest — continues to transform Linux from a fringe desktop option into a mainstream Windows alternative. Here’s the scoop.

The VAR Guy is preaching to the crowd here on But it’s good to see his type starting to understand Ubuntu’s growing impact on desktops.


The Top 100 Ubuntu Linux Partners

Who are the world’s top Ubuntu Linux partners? To find out, All About Ubuntu has launched a global survey that will identify 100 of the world’s top Ubuntu integrators, solutions providers, VARs and channel partners.

Here are some quick details.

  • Survey Background: You’ll find that here.
  • Actual Survey: You’ll find that here.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and it’s free. Companies that appear on the Ubuntu 100 list will receive free, high-profile publicity on our media sites (All About Ubuntu, MSPmentor and The VAR Guy) and across the open source industry. Plus, existing and prospective Ubuntu customers will more easily discover your expertise. Continue reading

My Dell/Ubuntu PC Has Arrived

I just got a call from my wife. My Dell PC with Ubuntu preinstalled has just arrived at my house. I’m busy at my day job but will post some initial thoughts about the system this weekend.

In the meantime, it sounds like Dell is revving up shipments. I hear The VAR Guy — a blogger  over at TechIQ magazine — expects to receive his system today as well. We both ordered our systems the weekend of May 26.

Apparently, many people have received their systems in a timely manner. But I was concerned about delayed shipments due to Dell’s tracking site serving up an error massage earlier this week. Dell is working overtime through the blogging community to make sure customers like The VAR Guy and me have a feel for when their systems will arrive.