Can Ubuntu Run Your Small Business?

I’ve written about Microsoft Small Business Server and other software suites that are marketed to small business owners. But curiosity about Ubuntu as a small business server and desktop seems to be growing. Back in August, Canonical hinted to me that they are working on a small business server software suite. Now mainstream websites are speculating about Ubuntu’s potential for small business systems. Sounds like 2o08 could be a heck of a year for Ubuntu in small business.

Why I Still Love Windows 95

Wow. I just had a flashback and it had nothing to do with anything I consumed. I just checked in on my six-year-old son. I noticed that he had an old laptop of mine, circa 1996, in his room. And it had Windows 95 pre-installed. Say what you want about that old operating system, but it was a nice time for the age of Windows. Here’s why. Continue reading