Synergy: the Software KVM (or just KM) Switch

Having multiple computers can be a blessing when trying to multi-task, but trying to control them all at once can take a lot of room. Hardware options are available. They are called KVMs, which is short for keyboard, video, and mouse switches. However these hardware options require a constant hardware connection. This makes it impractical for laptops, or when substituting the KVM for the real keyboard/mouse/screen set up is not desired.

This is where Synergy — a software option — can really shine. And yes, it works with Ubuntu. Continue reading


Making Ubuntu Play Nice in a Windows World

If you’re like me, your Ubuntu machine is on a network that is dominated by Windows machines. Fortunately, Ubuntu comes with some very easy and quick tweaks to help you get along nicely with your Windows counter parts. Here’s how.
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Ubuntu’s Win Is Linspire’s Loss?

Here’s a strange story from the folks at CRN — the old reseller publication from CMP Publications. They mention that demand is soft for the latest Linspire release. Hmmm. I have to admit I’ve never even tried Linspire. And I bet most mainstream Windows folks have never even heard of it. The article speaks broadly about Linux not doing very well on the desktop. And it barely mentions Ubuntu.

I’ve got to wonder: Why didn’t CRN mention that the buzz for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is overwhelming, and more PC companies are taking a close look at Ubuntu? Maybe demand for Linspire is weak because most desktop Linux enthusiasts are gearing up for Ubuntu 7.10.

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Easy Way to Install Ubuntu

Here’s an interesting post from PCMechanic, describing how to easily install Ubuntu. But I’ve got to be honest: Ease-of-install isn’t going to make-or-break Ubuntu. We need to see Dell and other PC vendors start to put a few marketing dollars behind Ubuntu, promoting the fact that you can get systems with Ubuntu pre-installed. Dell’s decision to pre-install Ubuntu was the tipping point that made me leave Windows.