Dell Introduces MORE Ubuntu Systems

Wow. That was fast. Less than a month after Dell began selling Ubuntu on selected desktops and notebooks, the company has introduced more Ubuntu systems. Let’s think about that for a minute: Imagine if Dell introduced more Windows Vista systems four weeks after initial launch because customers were so excited? That didn’t happen. But it is happening with Ubuntu.

Clearly, Dell believes the US market is ready for Ubuntu on the desktop. And as I indicated earlier today, I’m hearing strong indications that Hewlett-Packard will introduce Ubuntu PCs before the fall — perhaps sooner.

In the meantime, Dell is betting more resources on Ubuntu. The company says it will now offer Ubuntu on the Inspiron 1420N notebook and the Inspiron 530N desktop. Both are available for order now at but customers won’t likely receive initial systems until mid-July, according to Dell’s web site.


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