Buying An Ubuntu PC for Dad?

Here’s an interesting tidbit. My father-in-law is a PC novice who never really warmed up to Windows. He’s only interested in Web surfing to watch his financial portfolio. He also does a bit of email. Windows basically “gets in his way” (his words, not mine). He just spent a few hours on my Ubuntu PC from Dell. So what was his reaction?First, he didn’t realize Ubuntu was Linux. He quickly found the Firefox Web browser and started surfing. He told me the PC seemed really fast and he said there seemed to be fewer ways to get lost on my PC because there are fewer desktop icons, no annoying pop-up windows … you get the picture.

I nearly started telling him about Ubuntu and its importance to the free world (you know the speech). But then I remembered: This guy’s a novice. When it comes to PCs, all he wants is a Web browser and a broadband connection.

Looks like we know what to buy him for the holidays…


One thought on “Buying An Ubuntu PC for Dad?

  1. I had roughly the same reaction from my mom – she wondered why her stuff wasn’t there and why I’d rearranged a few things. That’s pretty much the learning curve.

    I had already gotten her onto other open source programs, so it took her having to start my computer (I turn it off to save power) and being greeted by the Ubuntu loading / logon screens to realize there was something decidedly different.

    After that all I had to do was say you use this (point to Gaim) to chat on Yahoo, you’ve found Firefox (gestures to it) and if you want to save some short notes you use this (gesture to gedit).

    And they say Linux is hard (giggles and sighs),

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